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John Verdon

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On Harrow Hillsynopsis

cover of On Harrow Hill

The idyllic community of Larchfield is rocked to its core when Angus Russell, its wealthiest and most powerful citizen, is found dead in his mansion on Harrow Hill. DNA gathered at the crime scene points to the guilt of local bad boy Billy Tate, whose hatred for the victim was well known. But there’s a problem. Tate fell from the roof a local church and was declared dead by the medical examiner the day before Russell was killed. When police check the mortuary where Tate’s body was being stored, they discover his coffin had been broken open from the inside, and his body is gone.

Other murders soon follow as Larchfield loses its collective mind. The once-peaceful town becomes a magnet for sensation seekers, self-proclaimed zombie hunters, TV producers eager for ratings, and apocalyptic preachers rallying an army of the faithful for the end of days. Drawn out of retirement once again, ex-NYPD homicide detective Dave Gurney finds himself not only facing down a ruthless killer, but struggling to restore order to a town spiraling out of control.